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Event Reward Box
23921 Season_Evt_Reward
It's a reward for events participation
Cannot be shown to players.
Cannot be traded.
Weight : 0

Item information

Sell price -
Weight 0
Type -
Subtype -
Can be dropped by player no
Can be traded to another player no
Can be placed in storage no
Can be placed in Cart no
Can be sold to NPC yes
Can be send via mail no
Can be sold as an auction no
Can be placed in guild storage no
Title Quickinfo Info
Jakk the Giant Pumpkin Catching Jakk the Giant Visit the Halloween festivities and complete the Jakk Catching Game. The Halloween Festival can be accessed through the Festival Concierge. The event reward box will be opened immediately upon acquisition.
문어구이는 몇 개까지 먹을 수 있나요? 꿀라디아와 대화 어린 옥토피그들은 어머니와 닮은 자를 따라갔다고 한다. 꿀리우스 꿀라디아에게 돌아가자.
문어구이는 몇 개까지 먹을 수 있나요? 길 잃은 옥토피그 찾기 어린 옥토피그들은 나들이 문어를 따라 각 필드로 흩어진 것 같다. 필드에서 길 잃은 옥토피그를 10명 확보하고 나들이 문어도 혼내준 후 꿀리우스 꿀라디아에게 돌아가자.
Name Chance
1x  Royal Secret Box 0.02%
1x  Kachua's Secret Key 0.13%
1x  Costume Rune-Midgarts Glory 0.15%
1x  꿰뚫린 사과 0.15%
1x  트루아 헌팅 9제련 패키지 0.31%
1x  Costume Bull Head 0.51%
3x  [Gift] Small Mana Potion 0.77%
1x  Old Card Album 1.03%
1x  Mystical Card Album 1.03%
3x  [Event]Medium Life Potion 1.54%
3x  [Event] Small Life Potion 1.54%
1x  [Event] Power Booster 1.54%
1x  [Event] Miracle Elixir 1.54%
1x  Costume Nut Cracker 2.57%
1x  Lucky Bag 2.57%
1x  트루아 헌팅 물리 세공 키트 3.6%
1x  트루아 헌팅 마법 세공 키트 3.6%
1x  Nihil Card 3.6%
1x  Agnes Card 3.6%
1x  Jurgen Card 3.6%
1x  Spica Card 3.6%
1x  Kronecker Card 3.6%
1x  Skia Card 3.6%
1x  Wolfe Card 3.6%
1x  Poe Card 3.6%
1x  Boiled Octopus Rice Cake Soup 4.11%
1x  Fresh Octopus Leg 4.5%
1x  Braised Short Ribs 5.14%
1x  Braised Spare Ribs 5.14%
1x  Kathryn Card 5.63%
1x  Isaac Card 5.63%
1x  Octo Chocolate Rice Soup 6.17%
1x  Warnut's Chocolate 12.33%


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.