Skill information

Max level 5
Skill Type physical attack
Element Neutral

No data available

Name Type Subtype
Automatic Module (Reverberation) Card -
Barbed Wire Whip [2] Weapon Whip
Patent Barbed Wire Whip [2] Weapon Whip
Patent Trumpet Shell [2] Weapon Instrument
Pigritia Spark [2] Weapon Whip
Pigritia Wave [2] Weapon Instrument
Reverberation Shadow Pendant Shadow Equipment Shadow Acc. (Left)
True Alphoccio Basil Card Card -
Trumpet Shell [2] Weapon Instrument
Unleashed Magic Card Card -
Wanderer Minstrel Stone II (Garment) Enchant -
Wing Headphone [1] Armor Helm


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.