Skill information

Max level 0
Skill Type physical attack
Element Neutral
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Range 11 cells 11 cells 11 cells 11 cells 11 cells

No data available

Name Type Subtype
Unknown item #28595 Armor Accessory (Right)
Adulter Fides Chain Rope [2] Weapon Whip
Adulter Fides Violin [2] Weapon Instrument
Automatic Orb (Vulcan Severe) Card -
Awakened Narcis Bow [2] Weapon Bow
Emerald Ring [1] Armor Accessory
Flush Safety Lute [2] Weapon Instrument
Flush Safety Whip [2] Weapon Whip
Glacier Flower Spell (Severe Rainstorm) Enchant -
Helm of Faith II (Minstrel & Wanderer) [1] Armor Headgear
Ice Flower Spell (Rainstorm) Enchant -
Illusion Electric Eel [2] Weapon Whip
Illusion Electric Guitar [2] Weapon Instrument
Lyrica Hat [1] Armor Headgear
Maestro/Wanderer Stone(Garment) Card -
MH-P89-OS [2] Weapon Bow
MH-P89-OSAD [2] Weapon Bow
Narcissus Bow [2] Weapon Bow
Narcissus Bow-LT [2] Weapon Bow
Old Dying Swan [1] Armor Headgear
Old Maestro Song's Hat [1] Armor Headgear
Paradise Minstrel Violin Weapon Instrument
Paradise Wanderer Whip Weapon Whip
Pigritia Rhythm [2] Weapon Bow
Poenitentia Vatia [2] Weapon Bow
Precision Lute [2] Weapon Instrument
Precision Whip [2] Weapon Whip
Rainstorm Booster Bow Weapon Bow
Rainstorm Booster Violin Weapon Instrument
Rainstorm Booster Whip Weapon Whip
Rainstorm Shadow Armor Shadow Equipment Shadow Armor
Safety Lute [2] Weapon Instrument
Safety Whip [2] Weapon Whip
Sealed Narcissus Bow [2] Weapon Bow
Severe Rainstorm Tuning Device Enchant -
Storm Muffler Armor Garment
Thanatos Violin-AD [2] Weapon Instrument
Thanatos Whipsword-AD [2] Weapon Whip
Traveler Ring [1] Armor Accessory
True Trentini Card Card -
Unleashed Magic Card Card -
Vivatus Fides Chain Rope [2] Weapon Whip
Vivatus Fides Violin [2] Weapon Instrument
Wind Gale [2] Weapon Bow
Wolf Orb (Vulcan Rainstorm) Enchant -
강화된 메탈 보우 [1] Weapon Bow
수습 원더러&민스트럴의 활 [1] Weapon Bow
초심자 원더러&민스트럴의 활 [1] Weapon Bow

No data available

Date Field Old New
2020-05-02 05:27 description
2020-05-02 05:27 name WM_SEVERE_RAINSTORM_MELEE
2020-05-02 05:27 MaxLv 0


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.