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Illusion Stone
25271 IllusionStone
A mysterious ore that is rarely found. Rumor has it that this clear ore lets those who gaze into it experience lifelike illusions. Only the wisest can see the true value of this ore.
Weight: 0

Item information

Sell price 0 zeny
Weight 0
Type Etc.
Subtype -
Can be dropped by player yes
Can be traded to another player yes
Can be placed in storage yes
Can be placed in Cart yes
Can be sold to NPC yes
Can be send via mail yes
Can be sold as an auction yes
Can be placed in guild storage yes
Level Name Health Race Element Scale Def MDef Req. Hit Req. Flee Type Chance
118 Angry Moonlight Flower 4,287,803 Demon Fire 3 Medium 254 81 523 578 Boss 5%
135 Awakened Ktullanux 13,521,442 Brute Water 4 Large 129 78 491 567 Boss 0.01%
139 Illusion Dracula 6,909,690 Demon Dark 4 Large 252 146 578 579 Boss 5%
Title Quickinfo Info
Andrea's Revenge I Eliminate Chaotic Baphomet Jr. Andrea's death was caused by a scythe from a small creature that was only as tall as his knees. Return the favor and put the creature that led to his death to rest.

"Don't be deceived by the creature's cute look. It's more than just a devil."

I guess I should check if it's really that cute.
Andrea's Revenge II Eliminate Chaotic Ghostrings After Andrea suffered a fatal injury, he attempted to heal himself. However, he halted his resurrection in favor of dedicating his soul to a chaotic existence to purify evil beings.

"Probably the soul of an adventurer who died a long time ago. Or something like that?"

It is not known whether Andrea was such a militant priest in his lifetime.
Anes's Revenge I Eliminate Hunter Flies This fast and wicked insect critically hit Anes when she was injured. She now believes that all insects with wings in this world must be eradicated.

"Do not be fooled because it just looks like a fly. Their food includes 'living' people..."

Maybe she has a bad experience with this insect.
Anes's Revenge II Kill Chaotic Killer Mantis Anes was attacked by this cruel predator who sprang out of a bush and inflicted a fatal injury. Sadly, it was while she was about to eat breakfast.

"When you find the damn mantis, cut off all its limbs and throw them into the dirt."

Interrupting meal time is a big deal.
거석족 퇴치의 증거 거석의 증표 3개 마을에서는 거석족 몬스터 때문에 골치를 썩고 있다. 그들을 퇴치한 [증거]25638 3개를 가져가면, 하루에 한번 정도는 보상을 해줄 것이다.
거석족 퇴치작전 마을에서는 거석족 토벌을 계획하고 있다. [고대의 트라이조인트]ILL_TRI_JOINT,0,0,3,-222,1, [고대의 스터랙틱 고렘]ILL_STALACTIC_GOLEM,0,0,3,-222,1, [고대의 메갈리스]ILL_MEGALITH,0,0,3,-222,1를 다섯 마리씩 잡고서 [수비책임자 루안다]com_d02_i,241,255,0,101,0에게 보고하자.
우탄족 퇴치의 증거 우탄의 증표 3개 마을에서는 우탄족 몬스터 때문에 골치를 썩고 있다. 그들을 퇴치한 [증거]25633 3개를 가져가면, 하루에 한번 정도는 보상을 해줄 것이다.
우탄족 퇴치작전 마을에서는 거석족 토벌을 계획하고 있다. [고대의 스톤슈터]ILL_STONE_SHOOTER,0,0,3,-222,1, [고대의 우탄슈터]ILL_WOOTAN_SHOOTER,0,0,3,-222,1, [고대의 우탄파이터]ILL_WOOTAN_FIGHTER,0,0,3,-222,1를 다섯 마리씩 잡고서 [수비책임자 루안다]com_d02_i,241,255,0,101,0에게 보고하자.


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.