Noisy Machine Spritesheet


Malangdo Island (malangdo)

Title Quickinfo Info
Nyadventure-Bang! See you next time According to Homnya and Nyangson, this machine named Bang causes a problem every minute. You never know when you will be in trouble. Check on the machine again tomorrow.
Nyadventure-Hidden Treasure? When the Bang stopped, Homnya and Nyangson gives you a useful information. They talk about treasure something. Homnya says the treasure is inside of ship Navi. It might be just a joke but it is still worth to try.
Title Quickinfo Info
Nyadventure-Stop the Bang! Homnya, a doubtful cat who called himself a 'real detective' and his friend Nyangson say that if the machine in front explodes, all of Malangdo will be destroyed. So they ask you to stop the machine.
Ghostring Card 1 obtained.