Kafra Employee Spritesheet


Inside Al De Baran (aldeba_in)

Title Quickinfo Info
Rescuing a Secret Wing Member You must find agent Jargeah near a broken bridge somewhere between Einbroch and Lighthalzen. He is wounded and in need of assistance so get there before the enemy does.
The Sealed File Folder Deliver the Sealed File Folder to President Weierstrass in Lighthalzen.
Title Quickinfo Info
The President's Mission Bring the file folder to the President's secretary Ms. Hes O'Neil before you leave then meet with Benith at the kafra Headquarters in Al De Baran to find out your next mission.
The Sealed File Folder Jargeah gave you a Sealed Folder. You should report back to Benith at Kafra Headquarters.
Ghostring Card 1 obtained.