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Basic Info
1002 Lv. 1
Plant Medium Water 1
Primary stats
Secondary stats
55 Health 2 Def 5 MDef
1 Range 7 - 8 Attack 1 - 2 MATK
202 Req. Hit 177 Req. Flee
0 Res (-0.00%) 0 Mres (-0.00%)
2.50 Speed (cells/sec)
1.49 Aspd (attacks/sec)


Neutral 100%
Water 25%
Earth 100%
Fire 90%
Wind 175%
Poison 100%
Holy 100%
Dark 100%
Ghost 100%
Undead 100%


Aggressive Assist Looter Change target Change target on attack Immobile Cast sensor Normal
Id Name Enchant Type Subtype Sell price Drop chance
 909 Jellopy Etc. - 2z 70%
 1202 Knife [4] Weapon Dagger 25z 1%
 938 Sticky Mucus Etc. - 26z 4%
 512 Apple Consumable Regeneration 8z 10%
 601 Fly Wing Consumable Special 125z 5%
 512 Apple Consumable Regeneration 8z 1.5%
 619 Unripe Apple Consumable Special 500z 0.2%
 4001 Poring Card * Card - 10z 0.2%
* This item is protected from being stolen.
Level >= % Exp Job Exp
1 100 150 40
2 100 150 40
7 95 142 38
12 90 135 36
17 85 127 34
22 60 90 24
27 35 52 14
32 10 15 4
Monster Egg Food Hunger rate Intimacy Accessory Capture Chance Evolution
Poring  Poring Egg  Apple Juice +20 when fed
-3 every 60 seconds
+50 when fed
-20 every 20 seconds while starving
-100 when overfed
-20 when dying
 Poring Pet Backpack  Unripe Apple


Source Recipe Evolutioned
 Poring Egg 10x  Yggdrasil Leaf
3x  Unripe Apple
 Mastering Egg
Name Interruptable State Level CHANCE Casttime Delay Condition
NPC_EMOTION yes Looting 1 20% instant 5 sec
NPC_WATERATTACK yes Attacking 1 20% instant 5 sec
Title Quickinfo Info
Invisible Quest Place Holder Place Holder
Unlocking the ultimate Mediocrity Hunt 1,000 Poring monsters Nodor the fishing Novice needs you to prove your passion by hunting monsters.
First battle - Poring Hunt Hunting 1 Poring Find the monster named Poring and kill 1
Unknown quest #9107
The most delicious on earth Porings(10), Jellopy(5) Hunt 10 Porings and 5 Jellopy. Meet Subino waiting in the Criatura Academy. Porings can be found in the field just west of Izlude
Portrait that repels a bad luck Collect materials for the Paper Papyrus in Payon said that he needs 10 stems from Mandragora, and 2 sticky mucus from Poring.
Portrait that repels a bad luck Collect materials for the Paper Papyrus in Payon said that he needs 10 stems from Mandragora, and 2 sticky mucus from Poring.
포링과 포링코인 포링코인 10개 포링을 10마리 잡고, 포링코인도 5개 줏어와라!
First examination Arian in Morroc You find out that you have to go through a series of tests from Metz's friends. The first friend is in Morroc named Arian. You should go there and see him if you want to continue.
First Battle Deliver 2 pieces of wood to the sailor You have been asked to capture a Forling who has stolen the ship's repair materials, recover two pieces of lumber, and deliver them to the crew. Defeat the Forging nearby and retrieve the wood.
What's possible with gelophy Deliver 3 Jell-O Pies to Malbron The archer [Malvron]izlude,115,103,000,0 you met in Izlude asked you to get him 3 Jellopies for his skill called 'Split Arrow'. Jellopies can be obtained by 'Foraging'.
Unknown quest #51001
Aldebaran Monster Investigation Hunt 40 Poring and 40 Poporing monsters and report back to Marie Marie has asked you to help her investigate why the creatures in the Aldebaran area have recently increased in quantity by hunting the monsters there.
Unknown quest #101004
Unknown quest #102004
 Play  Name


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.